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Fund Raise & Estimate of whole treatment - I

Fund Raising & Cost Estimation of Total Treatment - I

This is the major issue during treatment of AML,

The approximately cost of treatment ( Set of 4 chemo's ) will cost you somewhere around 8-10 lakhs (depends upon the complications during chemo cycles.)
* Cost during treatment in AIIMS

In Private hospitals like Medanta, or Gangaram, BL Kapur the cost may rise to 12-15 lakhs
* I know a person who got treatment in Medanta, luckily the escape chemo on minimum antibiotic (FORCON)

If you are planning to go for Bone Marrow Transplant, then budget will depend upon whether you get a match  in your family or not.
 Lets assume if you get a match in your family (Sibling) then its the best case scenario where you can go for BMT  in less then 11 Lakhs ( in AIIMS with minimum complication), lets assume 20 Lakhs in private hospital.

 If you did not get match in your family, you can go for Unrelated Marrow Transplant (MUD - Transplant)
1) If you get a match in GERMANY - MUD will cost you 25-30 Lakhs in CMC Vellore (AIIMS is not doing MUD currently)
2) IF you get a match in US/CANADA/UK/AUSTRALIA - MUD will cost you around 50-60Lakhs.

In short Total expense would be close to

  • Simple Chemo cycle - 10Lakhs
  • Relapsed then Chemo Cycle --> 5-20Lakhs (cost us around 22Laks)
  • BMT > Match in family > 10-15Laks                   ----- Total would be 10+10+60+5 = 85 Lakhs*
  • BMT > MUD > Germany match > 25-30Lakhs   ----- Total would be 10+10+25+5 = 50 Lakhs*                                               
  • BMT > MUD > Other then Germany > 60Lakhs  ----- Total would be 10+10+60+5 = 85 Lakhs*

Take approx 5 Lakhs rupees for accommodation, travelling, and other post transplant cost.

Usually people go for Donation and seeks people help.

People like Gaurav Tondon got nearly 1 crore as donation (
Please do get in touch with him, i am quite sure he will guide you in this process.

My another good friend (Ashish Saxena - email: is also working on this for his brother.  

Other good link (will surely cover more on this)  -

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