Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bone Marrow biopsy

Well we had bone marrow biopsy at the time of diagnose of the disease.
Doctors usually do two more bone marrow biopsy at the time of Induction Chemotherapy (First round of Chemo), this will be done on Day 14 and Day 28 (usually depends upon when is the blood counts improved)

The biopsy will be same procedure, but this time it will be done in the room itself done by a Senior Resident doctor (AIIMS) only .

You'll be needed 11G needle in both the cases, which might cost you Rs850 each time.

Question: Why a bone marrow biopsy on day 14?
Ans: Probably your doctor will explain this to you, usually we do this test to confirm that the counts are decreasing and the chemotherapy is working correctly.

Question: Why on day 28?
Ans: This is going to be very very important test, this will tell doctors whether cancer is in controlled state or not, we term it as Remission.

Question: What if Cancer is not in remission after Induction Chemotherapy?
Ans: Well don't panic, consult with your doctors, we have around 3 stages of chemotherapy. It can be bring down to remission next time if it is not this time.

Question: Cancer is in remission now!!! what next?
Ans: Once the cancer is in remission, doctors will give you another 3 rounds of chemotherapy.
High dose of Cytrabine usually. In my father case they gave 2 rounds of high dose of Cytrabine chemotherapy
considering his age factor.

Question: 2 rounds of chemotherapy is better or 3/4 rounds of chemotherapy?
Ans: Let the doctors decide this. You can always go for a second opinion (recommended).

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How is the Weather Outside?

The hardest part of this treatment is that you have to stay in a hospital for almost 4 months. Isolated with outside world. The depression is the biggest problem we have to face this time.

Hard antibiotics + blood checkups + and same faces.. this could result into a depression.

I personally think Doctors and Nurses plays a major role here. I remember my father eagerly waits for Dr. Narender (SR Hematology) every morning, His calming smile and small talks always gives a confidence to my father that every thing going to be just fine.

 During my stay at AIIMS, we stayed at Second Floor, Third Floor and Fifth floor of Old Private Ward, and Third Floor of New Private Ward.

Books + TV + Movies + Video Games + Music + Talks , they all could be used to avoid depression. Take this time as holiday you spending your loved once.

"A smile on your face could be their reason to fight against Cancer"

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Antibiotic & Anti-Fungal Medicines during chemotherapy

Assuming you are in day 8-10

by this time blood counts are started decreasing, doctors are keeping track of blood counts, kidney and liver function by doing test on MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY (Aiims schedule)

Doctors might start antibiotics if patient had small fever or infection.
>VFend is the most common drug which i observed.
Price: Depends upon dosage mg.

As per my knowledge the 50mg - 10 tablets cost you around Rs13000-Rs14500

Please try to negotiate its price.

2> Meropenam -  AstraZeneca with the brand names Merrem and Meronem

Lots of Indian companies are also coming up with their brands, most common is INTAS
Please consult your doctor before buying 

Updated Price of Voriconazole ( 6th November 2011 ) :
Realized lots of indian brands came up with Variconazole..

Voritek- CIPLA is available for approx  Rs1600+(MRP: Rs2800)  for 4 tablets
Voritrop-Intas is available for as low as Rs1100 (4tabs)
Tazarotene - Ranbaxy and Zydus Cadial also came up with medicine under Rs2000