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Treatment in Mumbai under Dr. S H Adwani

Thank you Mr.Rajesh Goyal for sharing the info:

A) How to approach Dr. S H Adwani:

1) Morning 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sushrut Hospital & Research Centre.
365,Swastik Park,Chembur (East),
Mumbai 400 071.
Tel No.: 91 (022) 25265555 / 25265500 / 2528 3302
Fax No.: 91 (022) 25288751 / 25265557
E-mail :

(My nephew is being treated here. Dr. Adwani remains in hospital from 10 AM in morning till 3 PM in evening. No prior appointment is required for consultation. Just visit the hospital and seek Dr. Adwani at reception. Doctor fee is Rs. 500. This is the hospital where he gives his most time, about 5 hrs daily except Sundays)

2) Evening 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM
S.L. Raheja Hospital (It's a Fortis Network Hospital)
Raheja Rugnalaya Marg,
Mahim (W), Mumbai,
Maharashtra - 400016
Emergency No:+91-22-66529888

(Again no appointment needed)

3) (Not sure about timing but it should be in evening)
Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre
15 - Dr. Deshmukh Marg, Pedder Road,
Mumbai- 400 026.
Tel No.  : 66573333 / 66573010
Fax. No.: 23520508

4) (Dr Adwani visits Apollo Delhi once a month every month)
Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals
Sarita Vihar, Delhi Mathura Road
New Delhi - 110076 (India)
Phone No : + 91 - 11 - 2692 5858 / 2692 5801
Fax No : + 91 - 11 - 2682 5563

B) Treatment Cost:
1) Chemotherapy given in Day Care:
Rs. 2200 (includes on duty doctor's fees, nursing fee) + Chemotherapy Medicine (this can vary greatly from patient to patient, chemo medicine can be bought from hospital pharmacy).
Cost comes down as they charge Rs. 2200 only for first day and Rs. 1700 days subsequently. (Usually 5 days)

2) Chemotherapy given in In-Patient:
Hospital has many option including 
         i) 4 patient in ward (this is very big hall with AC, do not worry about cleanliness, very well maintained)
           Charge: Rs: 1250 + other charges + Chemotherapy Medicine cost
         ii) Another ward with Charge Rs. 500 (without AC)
         iii) Personal room with charge Rs. 3650
         iv) General Ward without any charge (As per my sister she has observed they are vacant and available most of the time).

Laboratory is available there and very good. Bone marrow test is done there but slide is sent to Raheja hospital for test and reporting.

Overall: I have found that hospital tries to minimize the cost as much as possible without even asking you as they know treatment is expensive and long.

Feedback on Dr. Adwani and Sushrut Hospital:
I would like begin here with 'Dr. focuses on resolution (how they can help the patient, treatment) rather than issue (disease). I have obeserved that Doctors in North India starts telling you about the problems and complications that you may get due to diseases which demoralizes patients and their family. We all know how dreadful cancer is, but at the end we have to fight (there is no other way). Attitude of Dr. Adwani and is very positive and so assuring that you literally get motivation and much needed energy to fight just by seeing him. Same goes to Dr. Imran who remains in hospital from morning till evening. You can ask them any question and they answer smilingly all the time. Infact they (Dr. Imran) keep on waiting if you want to ask anything (treatment, precautions, diet, fear, anything you heard about and wants to confirm). I don't mean to say they give false hopes but they remains positive.

My sister told me that when first chemo did not work out, everyone was worried, So we asked Dr. Imran should we seek any Ayurvedic treatment along with chemotherapy. His answer was 'Dont panic, it happens some times and we have lot at our didpense as of now. If there will not be any anything which we can do, we will be first to ask you to intervene other alternative treatment, but not now'.

Nursing staff is also very caring. Infact go beyond their expected duties to help.

I don't mean to criticize private hospitals and doctors here in Delhi and North India by any means (nor all the same, some are very good) but most have become businessmen. Doctors in south are still doctors and focuses on what they should i.e. treatment.

Dr. Adwani's Website: He also helps out patients which are not that privileged through his charitable organization.

I hope this would have given you a feedback on Sushrut Hospital, Dr. Adwani, other doctors there, nursing staff or may be we are fortunate to have everyone good to us.


  1. Hi there,
    I have a quick question about your blog! Please email me when you get a chance.

    1. hiee,
      Good Post , but there is change in fees of chemotherapy
      cost of dr advani and team for chemotherapy =6000
      Bed charges =1700 for the first day and rest 1500
      Medincine charges depend upon case

  2. This is very costly..... tata private best but .....

    1. Ramprakash Ji, if you have rates info of Tata Private, please share.
      I love to have a page on rates comparison between top 5 hospitals.

      This should be helpful for readers

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  11. Hi Gyus i will never recommend for this doctor, i agree the dr itself have the good knowledge in area of medical oncology , but anyway after see the patients in OPD, he will never entertain u during your treatment , only his very much unexperienced jr dr will play with your patient even i am not sure all the resident dr in shushrut hospital are oncologist.
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