Thursday, April 14, 2011

Precaution while Chemotherapy - For attendant

I personally feel the real fight during chemotherapy cycle is from day5 to day 20(till the counts are recovered).

As a attendant we can take few precautions

1> Always wear face mask and if possible surgical cap too. ( Keep in mind a small sneeze can be life threatening for the patient as the counts are low.

Cost: Face Mask - Dispovan company mask usually cost you Rs175-Rs200 for 50pieces( 1 BOX)
and Johonson & Johonson face mask - Rs375 to 435 (20% discount on MRP minimum)

Separately Most of the medical shops sold Rs8/per mask hence prefer to go for a BOX

2> Try to wear fresh washed clothes and if possible keep separate cloths for inside and outside the room. We might have to go outside for medicines, water, food etc

3> Use separate room sleepers.

4> Do not allow any visitors specially Old. young kid and sick people to visit the patient. They can say hello from the gate. Remember a infection could be a end of fight.

5> Wash room every day, Use BASILOL spray ( ask for this spray from Senior Sister, it is not available in the market).

6> Keep Tiolet clean.

7> Most Importantly : Wash your hand with soap or Hand Sanitizer (Handrub from 3M company) every time you need to touch patient . In short keep yourself clean.

Sisters in OLD PRIVATE ward does not use mask regularly, do not hesitate to remind them to wear mask whenever they enter into the room

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