Thursday, March 15, 2012

The battle may have been lost but the war goes on.

Sometimes life makes you wonder about the mysteries...Exactly after one year .. i got to know that another beautiful life lost because of AML.

I got to know about Sonia Rai via a bone marrow search drive 'CureSonia' originated by her family...they found the match after Cure Sonia movement become a huge reach.
Although she could not benefit from a transplant, there will be many others that will through these efforts.

I feel saddened and quite helpless, but I  trust she will rest in peace, secure in the knowledge of how many lives she touched.

Goodbye Sonia...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

50/50 .. Movie for young cancer patients

I never thought someone can describe cancer in such light manner.. highly recommended for young cancer patients

Do watch : 50/50

Medanta is under C.G.H.S panel

Medanta Hospital ( gurgaon) is now comes under C.G.H.S panel... 

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