Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ayurvedic treatment after Chemo

I think Ayurvedic treatment should be a must once you achieve remission.(after all the cycles of chemotherapy) 
Siddhartha Mukherjee's award winning book  "The Emperor of all Maladies"  also shed some light on importance of Ayurvedic treament for cancer.

But the problem is whom to trust.. I spoke/met few center,
one of them is "Cancer Healer" in New Friends colony, New Delhi. 
Personally i feel its a fake center ..Rs5000 for 3 or 7 day medicines-No BILL, Center is not registered either. don't know how these kind of centers are running. 
So avoid spending too much on these kind of centers

Apart from them we took treatment from a center in Indore - treatment based on COW URINE
(Jain's Cow Urine Therapy Health Clinic) and baba ramdev's etc too. 

I only place where i felt some confidence is in dehradun. We spoke to them they charge Rs80 for a week medicine, and only treat patients who are in remission. A must for AML M7 cancer patients.


  1. This is a commendable deed Shashank. Thanks for all the info. I am yet to sign up that stem cell form. Can you please send in again?

  2. Ayurveda indeed have cure for cancer..god has created
    medicine for all sorts of deases..
    A chemical found in cow's urine can kill cancer cells..
    Even if u get a good ayurvedic vaidya a cancer patient can be cured with out chemo which is in my sense is a worst alopathic treatmnt...
    I have seen in ahmdabad paldi ayurvedic clinic ppl with cancer have been meraculeasly treated sucessfuly.....
    Chemo kills ur immunity systm and make patients life more miserabl
    Instead with good faith one should opt for ayurveda...

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