After Chemo

Once all the Treatment is over, we can follow and make some changes to overcome the post ill effect of chemotherapy drugs.

Unfortunately it’s a fact of life that chemo isn’t as discriminatory as we’d like; the drugs kill the good cells but are rough on healthy ones too. So getting through chemo camp often means having to tread rough terrain.

Diet can be the way to fight nausea. Eating five or six small meals throughout the day typically helps. Bland foods may become your king’s meal; mashed potatoes, oatmeal, crackers, pudding, and fruit are all kind to your stomach. As far as drinks, warm and fizzy helps.  ginger ale or simply Nimbu Pani would do. Otherwise clear juices are good. Contact your doctors if it is troubling too much.

Diarrhea and Constipation
 If you have one or the other, or are lucky enough to have both, know that Senekot is a gentle, effective laxative. Immodium works for the opposite problem. As diet combats nausea, certain foods can jump start your digestive system too.

Mouth sores are another common culprit. Chemo goes after fast-growing cells, and doesn’t stop when it gets to the mucous lining in our mouths. So go easy on your teeth and gums.  Brush often and floss daily. Use a mouthwash without alcohol, and if over the counter products aren’t working, your doctor can prescribe something more effective.