Monday, August 8, 2011

I like register my self as a bone marrow donor

I think, everyone related to a blood cancer patient asks this question, How can I register myself as a marrow donor?

Bone Marrow Transplant is the only effective curable treatment of Blood Cancer/ A-plastic anemia/ thalassemia.

Question: Can I become a donor?
Answer: You should be in good health and between 18 to 60 years of age. according to Dr.Beju George (CMC, Vellore), even if you suffering from hypertension or Sugar(Diabetes) you can become a donor provided your health is stable and disease is in controlled state.

Question: Whom to contact to become a stem cell donor?
Answer: I found this information of facebook group (

According to its active member :  if you are in Mumbai you can register yourself free of cost with MARROW DONOR REGISTRY INDIA. We have collection centres at TATA HOSPITAL, PAREL, RAHEJA HOSPITAL, DR SUNIL PAREKH'S CLINIC,OPERA HOUSE. MDRI CONTACT NOs: 65152695, 9223586076.

If you are in PUNE then Firdosh is working on registry as well
you can contact him here:

I'll keep update this article in future, for the meantime if you have any query or need any help, drop an email :

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