Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bone Marrow biopsy

Well we had bone marrow biopsy at the time of diagnose of the disease.
Doctors usually do two more bone marrow biopsy at the time of Induction Chemotherapy (First round of Chemo), this will be done on Day 14 and Day 28 (usually depends upon when is the blood counts improved)

The biopsy will be same procedure, but this time it will be done in the room itself done by a Senior Resident doctor (AIIMS) only .

You'll be needed 11G needle in both the cases, which might cost you Rs850 each time.

Question: Why a bone marrow biopsy on day 14?
Ans: Probably your doctor will explain this to you, usually we do this test to confirm that the counts are decreasing and the chemotherapy is working correctly.

Question: Why on day 28?
Ans: This is going to be very very important test, this will tell doctors whether cancer is in controlled state or not, we term it as Remission.

Question: What if Cancer is not in remission after Induction Chemotherapy?
Ans: Well don't panic, consult with your doctors, we have around 3 stages of chemotherapy. It can be bring down to remission next time if it is not this time.

Question: Cancer is in remission now!!! what next?
Ans: Once the cancer is in remission, doctors will give you another 3 rounds of chemotherapy.
High dose of Cytrabine usually. In my father case they gave 2 rounds of high dose of Cytrabine chemotherapy
considering his age factor.

Question: 2 rounds of chemotherapy is better or 3/4 rounds of chemotherapy?
Ans: Let the doctors decide this. You can always go for a second opinion (recommended).

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