Saturday, May 14, 2011

How is the Weather Outside?

The hardest part of this treatment is that you have to stay in a hospital for almost 4 months. Isolated with outside world. The depression is the biggest problem we have to face this time.

Hard antibiotics + blood checkups + and same faces.. this could result into a depression.

I personally think Doctors and Nurses plays a major role here. I remember my father eagerly waits for Dr. Narender (SR Hematology) every morning, His calming smile and small talks always gives a confidence to my father that every thing going to be just fine.

 During my stay at AIIMS, we stayed at Second Floor, Third Floor and Fifth floor of Old Private Ward, and Third Floor of New Private Ward.

Books + TV + Movies + Video Games + Music + Talks , they all could be used to avoid depression. Take this time as holiday you spending your loved once.

"A smile on your face could be their reason to fight against Cancer"

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