Saturday, April 9, 2011

Managing - Blood Donors and Platelet donors

Assuming you are on day 5 after hospitalization and Day 4 of Induction round of chemotherpay, by this time the blood counts are started falling,
RBC starts touching >3 and Hemogram stars droping to 8, platlet < 20K We need to arrange atleast 4 blood donor cards and 4 platelet donors, Only for First round of chemo, in total we need around 8-10 blood donors.
In All India Institute of Medical Science(AIIMS) we can get 3 units or RBC (blood)on a single donor card (we need to collect it back from the blood bank on the next day of transfusion - Timing: 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm)

1> Keep in mind for SDP(single donor platelet) is a requirement based transfusion and your doctor probably give you 4-6hours to arrange a SDP, so keep your close relative or friends list with you who can come to AIIMS in short notice.

2> SDP is extracted in cell seperation room of C2 general ward, second floor.

3> Before SDP donation, donor need to be tested with Viral Marker and Hemogram test, This test need to be done on either a day before the donation or on the same day itself. This test can be done through external lab, Cell seperation incharge - Narender & Ominder ji can direct you to the LAB
Cost of the Test --- Rs1,000

4>SDP Kit: There are two kind of SDP Kit available, both are available only on Two shops near AIIMS
a) Impex India - Phone: 0-9910486274
b) Aark pharmaceuticals

Types of SDP Kit
a)Single Needle- This kit will take 1hour 10min to extract the SDP
Price: Rs6100-Rs6200
b) Double Needle - This will take 35minutes
Price: Rs 6,750 in Impex (last price update: 26th march 2011)


If a person donated Blood, he/she cannot donate blood or platelet for next 3 months,
A Person can redonate SDP (platelet) after 3 days and also can donate blood
So choose wisely who need to donate blood and platelet

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