Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fight and Fight till the Lion(disease) becomes Lamb

Yes, that the word 'Fight',
We need to create a positive environment around the patient, we have to make sure he/she starts believing that they can fight with it, and can get through out of it.

By this time probably your fight is started now, (assuming you are day 2 )

TARGET 1: TO get a room.
you need to get a Private Room in the hospital or a Bed.

Usually AML cancer need to be treated aggressively { high dose of chemotherapy - 3gm per meter square = a 74KG man probably gets 36gm of CYTRABINE (CYTOSAR)}
This chemo kills all the blood cells includes cancer cells as well as healthy blood cells. Hence if it is possible try to go for a Private room.

In AIIMS private rooms are classified in two categories:
Class A -- room rent Rs1700/day + Rs 100 for meal
Class B -- room rent Rs1100/day + Rs 100 for meal

In total there are only 120 rooms (approx) including New Private Ward and Old Private Ward)

Keep in mind you are in the hospital for next 3months+
so choose your room wisely.

I will try to discuss Managing Money separately on a new post.

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