Friday, April 8, 2011

Preparation with Mind and Medicines

Assuming by day 4 you get the room (blast in the peripheral blood > 50%)

We need to start preparing for the Chemotherapy, the general trend doctors in aiims follows, they gave to aroung 4-6 hours to get the medicines and prepare yourself for the chemo.

1> To get the medicines from the Market -- Keep in mind there is no medical shop inside the AIIMS campus, so you have to go to yusuf sarai market or gautam nagar or shops just outside the safdarjung hospital.

Also price of CYTOSAR 1gm (trade name of cytrabine)varies in every medicine shop. so choose wisely, i would recommend you to buy 6gm of cytosar for day 1 and then send some relative to survey the market.

36gm of cytosar and other induction chemo material usually cost you Rs40,000 - Rs 50,000.

Also mostly all the big medicines shops accept CREDIT CARD, but few small one can provide you medicines at cheaper rate if you have the cash in hand.

I will write a separate post on medicines shops around aiims, including there no. and rates of major medicines. if you need more info on the shops or cheapest price you can email me on

2> Peripheral intravenous line --- Usually by evening the on duty SR will come and starts the chemotherapy, the very first step is to implant a peripheral intravenous line in hand(assuming the patient is in normal health)
Question: Why this?
A: I would say this is the best thing to go with, you need to go through blood test on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, plenty of antibiotics will go through your inter venous line, this line is painless and easy to manage.
Question: How to take care of this line?
Question: life of PIVC line?

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